Monday, 19 November 2018

Mindset and chronic illness

In all honesty, when I first got diagnosed with chronic illness I was very much angry and frustrated with the world...

Everything as I knew it had changed. I no longer worked, I was scared to leave the house due to my bowels, sickness, bladder, eyes, heart being so unreliable and causing me to be admitted back in hospital.. things I used to do as hobbies were either out of the house, or I was simply too unwell, depressed, scared, to do them... 

But this year something changed... (no I wasn’t cured of my lifelong illness) was my mindset

I realised that whilst I had variables I couldn’t control I also had variables that I CAN control, so I decided to be proactive about it...

That started at the beginning of the year with getting rid of my doctor who regularly advised me not to aim “too” high and that I was always going to be sick, (yes, he was partly right, but I didn’t need that attitude in my life!)

I also focused on doing what I could when I could, and not letting fear stop me. Or else my life would continue feeling like it was slipping away when I lay angry in bed because my body was playing up again...

In my most recent hospital admission my sister brought me this swear word colouring book, I guess for me it sums the situation up quite well... yes chronic illness can make you say every swear word under the sun, make you want to kick, scream and shout... but you also need to take time out and work on your headspace, find different hobbies that you enjoy and make you feel good-for instance colouring! 

So just a reminder, no matter whether it’s chronic illness or something else crappy going on in your life right now, find a different perspective, what can you control? 

"The Hopeful Chronic"

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