Friday, 19 October 2018

How Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain Changed My Perception Of Life

Let me take you back to a little over two years ago, I was with my boyfriend of nearly two years, we had not long moved into our first place together in North West London... we woke up, showered, got ready and commuted all the way to the city together (our offices at the time were only a few streets away), meet again at a food market for lunch, return to the office and commute back home dinner, film and bed... ok that sounds quite boring - usually a couple of evenings in our working week we would socialise with our colleagues also.. but you get the idea, life was good. We were happy.. We craved adventure, talked about living around the world, and never really stopped to realise how fortunate we were..

Me (pre-chronic illness) and my boyfriend

Flash forward to today, my boyfriend is working from home and I haven't worked in over two years, my weekly routines are varied in so much as some weeks I have eight hospital appointments, other weeks I only have the one, some weeks I can shower a couple of days, others its a blessing to sit in the shower with my boyfriend watching over me making sure I don't collapse, slip and hurt myself (we have dealt with this so many times)..

We now talk of our future home being commutable difference in the UK to my parents so they can still visit weekly. It's a rare and exciting month for me if I manage a couple of social events. 

I'm not writing this to complain, heck I'm writing this to tell you how thankful I am that chronic illness came in my life and changed my perspective like this. I am grateful not for things but for people,  sacred moments spent with my loved ones means the world to me, when simply getting showered and dressed are two of the biggest difficulties in my day. 

So how has chronic illness or chronic pain changed your perspective on life?

The Hopeful Chronic 

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