Thursday, 12 July 2018

Should my partner be 'thanked' for staying with me through chronic illness?

Recently, I had a conversation with someone about how much of a turn my relationship has taken, yes my partner didn't sign up for it, our first date I didn't complain of pain, run off to the bathroom unwell, or was unable to eat, I was a healthy twenty-year old...

When I replayed what they said- "he didn't sign up for it he could simply walk out and never return, no one would blame him - a chronic illness was not on the cards when you met" it was like a dagger in my chest. Who were they to tell my partner that he "deserves a medal"?

In my experience, my relationship took such a different turn upon learning just how ill I truly was, and how much it really would impact my life, well.. forever. It can be hard as someone living with a chronic illness, you struggle to find others who can understand what you're going through with emotions, symptoms, treatments etc. Yet my partner has always been the one that has understood it 1000% more than anyone else in my life; he is there all the time supporting me along every step - at hospital appointments, when I am rolling around on the floor crying in agony due to my pain, helping me clean up after I have been sick, supporting me through each diet I move to in hope that it will aid just 1% of my symptoms.

Yet, for me this is what a relationship is, and should be expected to consist of (OK, maybe not my 'chronic illness' per say) you support and love each other through the highs AND the lows.

"The Hopeful Chronic"


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