Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My 5 Everyday Healthy and Powerful Tasks for Determination in Chronic Illness

Chronic illness comes hand in hand with so many new life changing character experiences, of which many, most surprisingly I feel blessed to have gained; it truly has opened my eyes, heart and mind to more things going on in my life, particularly people. 

On that note, one characteristic that has most certainly not disappeared, and in fact- increased is my determination..

I have always been a huge believer in putting my all into things that mean something to me, whether this be relationships, books, subjects at school etc etc... Obviously that comes with a downfall that somethings get very neglected of which I don't enjoy doing so much!!

Since becoming ill one of the most disheartening traits is being knocked back in such simple tasks like making dinner, walking, socializing etc.. It has left me to compile a small, but mighty list of every-day things that I am determined to do every day, rain or shine, as a reminder that I truly CAN do this despite what my bad days seem. 

1. Number one, and most importantly is getting out of bed. 
Yes there are some days this takes far far longer than others, but by getting out of it simply to lay on the sofa is key for my determination of not giving up.

2.  Listening to my body
 My goodness this is a tough one at the best of times when I am being stubborn!! Though I do find with some of my symptoms I can often aid them by simple listening to the signs; whether this might be dizziness, weak muscles, heavy legs, pain, blurring of vision, heart palpations, the list and symptoms are endless!!

Photo taken at the consultants office last week

3. On a similar note to points one and two, I make a crucial point to self-care, even if I am having a 'good' day. 
Sitting down with my hot water bottle, a cup of tea, doing my calf exercises on the sofa for my PoTS, making sure I am taking care of my mind and body as much as possible. 

4. Make myself a healthy breakfast
Yes, sometimes I am experiencing sickness due to my gastroparesis/colonic inertia, sometimes I am not awake in time for breakfast due to my fatigue!! Though, even if I sip on it throughout the day, and not all of it stays down or I start to drink it later the point remains, it is much easier on my bad days, as i simply pre-prepare my fruits and vegetables by cutting them up and putting them in the freezer ready to go straight in the blender. (Watch out for my instastories as I post my smoothie of the day on there!!)

5. Remembering this is not just my journey alone
Another hard one to learn when experiencing chronic illness as it truly feels like this is the most isolating experience and no one else understands, let alone wants to help. But it is vital for all your loved ones around you that you show compassion for them, just as they do for you. I know on my bad symptom days, I can be so snappy and moody and my partner has to deal with it; yet even after my impoliteness, if I am unwell I am always his priority. Its a big wake up call and another tough thing to wrap your head around, but instead ask them how their day was, and take some time to show them you appreciate them. 

I hope this small, but mighty list of my everyday chronic illness tasks provides some determination to you, and as I said none of these need to be done at before 6pm, it is simply 5 goals for the day to make you feel powerful!!

Do you have anything you do everyday that I should include in my routine?


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