Sunday, 19 November 2017

Being Surrounded by Unsupportive Friends and Family

As some of you may know, I have spent the last 72 hours in hospital, and when I shall be discharged is still yet to be known..

This is a short, but candid post about how everyone (yes, literally every single person on the planet) experiences bad days... and mainly, I want to give you some perspective on how mine have been recently, and more importantly - why!

Being in hospital seems to always hit home to me about those around me that truly care about my well being, it's like I can predict those friends around me that will suddenly lay silent for a few weeks whilst they know I am in hospital.. (I mean I get it, hospitals aren't a pleasant place to be in, but that's exactly what frustrates me!!)

I have much more time to reflect, and less time to push myself and occupy my mind like I would at home.. Of course, I bring plenty of books, magazines and entertainment - but still, I experience this vulnerable and lonely feeling during my stays in hospitals; despite knowing the hospital from past experience, or what procedure I may have, it still never really puts my mind at ease. 

Which leads me on to the point of my blog post, in the last three days since I have been admitted I have had three friends all provide their comfort via the telephone, and arrange a time to visit me in hospital - do you want to know what they all had in common? They all cancelled on me, and interestingly all three of them cancelled less than half an hour before they were due to see me in hospital.

I understand life can get in the way, sure, but I was sat waiting all morning, looking forward to catching up with said good friend of mine.. yet they all made their excuses and vanished into thin air!!

It seems there will always be those people in your life that only want to remain with you through the highs, and not stick around, or pick you up from the lows... 

For me, a friendship is like a marriage, you make a commitment "in sickness and in health"...

Yet, being alone in a vulnerable state at a hospital for goodness knows how long, it can often feel like you have no one.

I suppose it isn't all doom and gloom as moments like these also teach you those amazing loved ones you have around you - that hear someone has cancelled, and quite literally drop everything they are doing just to be by your side. - and once more, despite the treacherous experience I went through, I learnt who those people were around me, and I shall always be reminded that they were there for me, ahead of everyone else, for that I shall be forever grateful!

"The Hopeful Chronic"

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  1. Sadly I had friends like that. When I was in hospital, which ended up being for 3 weeks last summer, there was a day where a huge group of them were in the same area, maybe 10 minutes away, for someone's birthday which I was missing out on. Not one of them came to visit me.


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