Saturday, 25 November 2017

Life "Before" and "After" Chronic Illness

Since I have had another rough week of symptoms, I have spent the majority of my time resting on the sofa, which inevitably causes me to overthink...!

Lately, my mind has been wondering off to all those "activities" I was able to do before I got sick, I find myself longing to feel and do things that are no longer part of my days..

It got me thinking, surely I am not alone in this method of thought, and really ask my readers a question to reflect on:

Do you ever feel like your life is now divided into two?..

"Before" and "after" the diagnosis... 

For me, my life "before" my diagnosis' was full of spontaneity, and adventurous events on a daily basis, to now a person who often can't even have a shower alone, it is a traumatic transition to my "new" life.

And that being said, after cancelling on the same friend for the third time in a row due to my symptoms, its only natural that I am reflecting on my "old" life.. 

I think it is normal to grieve over my lost life, after all, living with a condition which has no cure, who knows if I ever will be that person again?

I doubt the grief will ever stop, and lots of things remind me on a daily basis, that I am not the same young woman I was prior to my diagnosis', but that's ok, just like everyone in life, I am maturing and growing into a stronger me. 

It means I truly am thankful for those days where I can enjoy myself, and it really is memorable occasion to remember I have accomplished before, and with perseverance, (rest), preparation and time I shall be able to again..

"The Hopeful Chronic"


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