Tuesday, 1 August 2017

What to wear to a wedding on a budget

Wedding season is most certainly here, and I will be attending another wedding to attend this weekend. 

Being a spoonie as well as fashion lover means it is much more socially accepting by my boyfriend to pack at least two outfits for the event - you truly never can expect what may happen to your first outfit choice, whether you faint and collapse into something wearing it, you're sick on it, the list does indeed go on and all to often has happened... but of course besides that quite simply, being a lady we love to have multiple choices in outfits; just in case we decide we don't like the first at the last minute, for whatever reason!

A wedding is one of those special occasions where you really get to dress up, and we all want to look fabulous!

Gone are the days of a formal traditional affair at a chuch, with ladies and gentlemen wearing hats; weddings now are so broad and indivdual in their personality, format location and vibe that now anything goes.. 

Here are some pretty dresses I have picked out that are sure to make you feel special on your loved ones special day...

"The Hopeful Chronic"

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