Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My 10 Tips on Selling on Ebay

With more time on my hands at the moment in between, toilet trips and hospital outings I have been slowly (but surely), on a big declutter mission...

Since reading Marie Kondo, Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I am enjoying editing and reducing the amount of stuff that I own. Part of this mission has included selling quite a lot of my belongings on ebay, (with varying degrees of success -some sell for much more than I had expected and find a much-loved new home, other times I have barely covered the cost of listing and posting the item!!)

So, without further ado, here's my top ten tips for selling on Ebay:

1. Big, clear and bright photographs
The most essential starting point is the quality of your photographs (by this I don't mean they need to be taken with a DSLR camera!!) taken with your phone is just fine, but just try to make sure there is a plain background without any distractions around. I choose to take mine in the brightest room in my home, when the sun is at its brightest (around midday) and prop the clothes up against a hook on a cream door.

2. Detailed, honest description
Strangely, this is actually my first step after deciding which items I wish to sell - often the time is not right for taking photographs of the items (perhaps it is late evening) or alternatively it the item could need an iron to help it sell better. I start with writing the description on a draft of my listing, so that I can asses the item for any faults of flaws whilst I have it with me, it is very crucial to make any flaws clear on the listing rather than having the item sent back to you for an incorrect description.. It can sometimes be hard to get a good idea about an item from the photograph so remember to describe the fit, dimension, colours and flaws - so the more detail the better!

3. Descriptive title
Having a decriptive title that includes the colour, brand, size, print and anything else that may be noteable is so crucial. It is a good SEO practice and will help potential buyers find your product when they are browsing ebay.

4. Start your auction low
Everyone wants to make a gazillion pounds on ebay, though ebay research has found starting an auction low at 99p are more liekly to make a higher sale thatn those starting an auction near their ideal selling price point - its all about the buying psychology!

5. Link to your other items in the description box
There's a handy little button in the description box that allows you to link to your other listings, keep people interested in your sales - its a very useful promo tool that costs nothing and will help drive potential buyers to your other listings

6. Try alternative postal services for bulky items
Royal Mail bumped their prices up this year. If you are selling bulky items it is worth investigating other postal services - such as collect+ it is around £5 to post a box and hyou just print off the psotage label then drop it at your local collect+ store- much more convienent and affordable than royal mail

7. Use the ebay mobile app
It is so user friendly, and as mentioned earlier I normally draft all my listings in the app and publish at once

8. Communicate
Sometime life stuff happense and you end up running late on getting items posted out- keep your buyers up to date and just be honest

9. List several items at once
I like to sell my stuff in batches this works nicely to do a big post office run and also helps if buyers want to bid on more than one of your items - offer to combine postage for multiple items

10. List on a Thursday
Sundays are the busiest time for ebay - everyone is chilling out, coming to the end of their weekends and bidding on stuff on ebay. Make use of this high traffic time and get your items ending on a sunday. You can list on a Thursday with a 10-day auction to make the most out of your traffic and potential buyers.

So, these are my tips to selling on Ebay, do you have any that aren't on here?

"The Hopeful Chronic"


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