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DC Superheroes Art of Brick Exhibition Review

Last Saturday, I attended "The Art of Brick –DC Superheroes Lego Exhibition" with my partner and his father.  The venue is located  in a large temporary tent behind the National Theatre on London’s Southbank, which makes it perfect for a day out, as there is plenty of attractions also located there.

From the moment you walk in the entrance there  is a set-up for a photograph with the Joker. (left photo) Which makes for the perfect photo opportunity and I was a little disappointed there weren't any further similar opportunities within the exhibition itself. 

There is a short video at the start of the exhibition, which involves Sawaya (the artist) discussing his thoughts behind this latest “Art of the Brick” exhibition and showing the process of creating the sculptures.

You then proceed into the vast collection of Lego sculptures, which includes comic book covers, animals, cars, and aqua man in a bathtub!! As you can see from my photographs, all the obvious (and less known) heroes and villains are included (many of them life-size) – ranging from Batman to Green lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn, even Cyborg. I don't want to give away too much but the end of the exhibition is absolutely incredible, and I hope it makes for a wonderful surprise.  

Its certainly not a small show by any means (it took us about an hour to go round the whole exhibition), and it is most certainly clear the amount of talent that has gone into the creation of each sculpture. I was truly impressed at how these plastic square bricks could render human features and expressions so well! What I particularly enjoyed was presented alongside each sculpture there was a small description from Sawaya himself - with his explanations, of intentions and feelings about the said character  (prepare for some regular snippets to burritos also which are amusing!); in addition, it also includes the number of bricks used which was interesting.  I myself, am not particularly a fan of DC Superheroes but even I came out the exhibition hoping to create a Lego model of my very own, and there is actually the opportunity to do so at the interactive part at the end - there are tables of Lego, Lego video games and of course a Lego shop.

Despite the fact that I took photographs the whole way around the exhibition (I was in awe of everything I laid my eyes on!) I didn't want too include too many in case I ruin too many surprises for those who may decide to attend. 

With regards to the ticket price - it is £16 adult, £12.50 concession and £11 for a child. Though, I purchased our tickets through Time Out at £12.50 each- sadly this offer has since expired. In my opinion, I feel the prices are a little steep, and I am not sure if I would have been as pleased with the show had I paid full price.

Overall, I would say it is a fantastic show worth checking out if you are interested in DC superheroes or a Lego fan.  It is also a great wet-weather activity (it was pouring with rain whilst we were going around the exhibition.) Additionally, I feel it would have been nice to get more of a story on the DC characters themselves, how and when they originated, etc and also more interactive opportunities throughout the show. Next time you find yourself stuck in queues for many of the tourist attractions nearby, head here - it is perfect for adults and children alike! 

The DC Superheroes Art Of Brick Exhibition is located on the London Southbank until 3rd September 2017. 
More information can be found on their website here - http://www.aotbdc.co.uk

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