Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Discovering Brain Fog

I am currently laying cosily on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket and surrounded by two sick bowls, three scorching hot water bottles, a cold cup of green tea, tissues, and a whole lot of paperwork(-mainly medical!) Without a doubt the past few days have been rough, my joint pain is ever-increasing, (especially in my knees), the fainting has also stepped up a notch, and lastly, my colonic inertia and gastroparesis symptoms are ever exasperated - meaning lots more sickness, horrifically intense abdominal pain, and an incredibly slow moving digestive system!!

Needless to say, today I dragged myself down to my local GP surgery, for some much needed medical advice, repeat prescriptions and life comfort! We spoke about all kinds of things including my upcoming consultation tomorrow with the PoTS specialist, reports from my latest hospital consultations and A&E visits, as well as my general wellbeing and planning for the future.

My GP has been outstanding throughout this incredibly tough year, whatever I require she assists me through all kinds of things - relationship advice with loved ones, medical options, surgical options, doctor recommendations, referral letters, and honestly, is just so understanding and supportive-which essentially is the most important thing you need at a time like this. What is unique is that she too has experienced being left in the dark, undiagnosed, she knows what it's like for you life to almost seem ripped from right underneath you feet. While she wasn't my first port of call originally at the practice, (I went through what I would still consider a traumatic divorce with my first when he moved to a different city (honestly I have had easier breakups - but more on that another time!!)) I did indeed meet with her within about a month of my chronic illness "rupture"/adventure/rollercoaster - call it what you like. Regardless, we've been on weekly appointments for close to a year, so we have most certainly broken a few barriers if you will.

I have never really mentioned the symptom of "brain fog" before, mostly because I was only diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about a month ago, which my doctor explained although I was joking about my "forgetfulness" this was certainly linked to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, amongst being so stressed, and obviously the huge amount of medication I am currently taking. I always put it down to be totally out of a routine, and obviously while being off work sick,I do fear my mind going a bit "brain dead".

Though today it felt like something else.. I described my symptom changes as of late over the course of the 40 minute appointment, though, the main objective of the appointment was to pick up more anti sickness medication, as I was completely out, painkillers, laxatives, and so on..

The journey itself is only about a 10/15 minute walk door to door, however, I reached half way to my local pharmacy, before I realised amongst various other problems, I had completely forgotten to request my prescriptions. I had even written it down in the notebook I was jotting down recommendations from the doctor...!!!

This is a true example of the painstakingly obvious things I struggle to remember lately- my brain is struggling to keep up and is constantly tired, resulting in numerous naps throughout the day!

Through it all, I try to keep myself busy,  stick to a routine as best I can, write to-do list and try to achieve as much as I can throughout the day, although if I need to nap, despite feeling like a couch-potato occasionally, I am reminded that I am indeed sick, and need to rest when my body indicates. I mean, let's face it with an ever-growing list, of roughly seven confirmed conditions, to date my body is having one hell of a time trying to fight everything off! (Not to mention all the side effects of the medication!!)

The Hopeful Chronic 


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