Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Life Lesson Number Three -Appreciation and Gratefulness for Life

This was not the intended post for todays "Chronic Illness Life Lessons" but I think it's a valuable one.  I am reminded once more that before getting sick I used to take for granted everyday "luxuries" such as phone calls to friends, going for a walk, going out for a meal, or seeing loved ones, all of which have so much more meaning than they did before. It gives you appreciation for life that you never once knew you was possible, simply by realising that this is not always achievable - you know what it's like to be bed bound, crawling round your flat to avoid fainting, struggling to keep any food or liquids down, crouching over due to abdominal pain, which is often just hours or days before.

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Living with gastoparesis impacts digestion of foods, which leads me onto something I had never really contemplated before but I suppose I had no reason to- mealtimes tend to bring people together. Since suffering with gastroparesis I have to consider not only what I am eating, but where I am going, and scheduling tablets within a particular time frame of the meal.

Spontaneity including sporadic nights out, staying out late and last minute trips are all also now a thing of the past. It requires preparation days in advanced and even so, sometimes this is not enough with the spontaneity of a chronic illness.

Whilst I am most certainly not glad my health deteriorated,  I would not change it either. I received a very big wake up call on life which I may not have discovered any other way. I see a change in myself, which is still forming as I fight this battle. I am now willing to try a lot more, because things are different now. I have learnt that I may fail and embarrass myself, and let's face it -I've collapsed on my face (quite literally!) on so many occasions in public I have lost count.

As I say, what can appear to be a disaster in your life can open your eyes to the beauty in things you may have otherwise missed. 

"The Hopeful Chronic"


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